Clydesdale Running Company (CRC) was established as a place where the taller and/or larger fitness athletes can get the apparel they need to help them perform to the best of their abilities and fitness levels. Whether it is in the front or back of the pack we have just what you need!

The idea behind CRC started during a five day trip to the Pacific Northwest for a getaway. The founder, Troy Rambo, decided to stop at the various running stores in the Portland and Seattle area. While there were some great stores and people, there was a distinct lacking of apparel for folks who need or want larger sized items. Upon returning home to Ohio, Troy decided to see if there were any offerings from online merchants exclusively for fellow Clydesdale, Fillies, Athena or Cruiser athletes. Because of this void we decided to help our fellow Clydesdale friends have a store where they can go and not worry if there was something for them. Simply we want to help you get the gear you need!

Today, we realize this store is more of a hobby than a job so we're using it for a few other things, too.  The products listed (image or not) are still available and we do still process orders for all items on the site.  

The Founder
Troy is a veteran of an two ultramarathons, thirty-two marathons, more than one hundred half-marathons and over 250 running events. He travels extensively to run and is more than 80% of the way to his goal of at least a half marathon in all fifty states. Troy is a Clydesdale in the truest sense of the word with his nearly 6’4” 240lb frame. He understands what it’s like to participate in endurance events and worries less about the competition with others and more with the camaraderie and enjoyment of the effort.